Basketball Skills & Drills

basketball skillsIn our skills & drills section, we reinforce some of the basic skills participants learn during the camp sessions.  Drills are a fun way of strengthening a basic fundamentals through repetition, until it becomes second nature.  The drills we teach allow the campers to spend their free time refining skills, such as ball handling, shooting, and passing.  Drills are designed to challenge each player at their current skill level and through dedicated practice, improve to a higher level of ability.  No player is exempt; personal commitment to individual drills makes every player, no matter what skill level, a better basketball player. 

In camp our staff will teach specific drills.  However, with today’s technology there are many good resources available on the internet that provides a vast amount of individual drills that are both fun and challenging.  One such website we would recommend is

We encouarge each camper to find drills that are individually challenging and enjoyable.  Hard work does pay off.  You will definitely see results as you dedicate yourself to improving your game.