2020 Basketball Tune Up

Welcome to Sina's Hoop Academy

new jersey basketball summer campThe main focus of Sina's Hoop Academy is to inspire a love for the game of basketball into the next generation of players.  Many life lessons and disciplines can be learned by participating in sports, basketball icluded.  Coach Mergin Sina has an extensive background in the game of basketball.  He has played at the Division 1 college level and professionally in Europe.  Coach Sina’s desire is to use his vast knowledge and intense passion for the game to teach youth players basic basketball fundamentals, instill a hard work ethic, and improve participation as a team player. 

Coach Sina notes, "Basketball has been very good to me personally. Learning and playing basketball has taught me many valuable life lessons, provided me an helped me grow individually, and has given me the opportunity to literally see the world.  My desire is to pass this on to today’s youth.  Basketball, like most other sports, can allow children to achieve similar or hopefully even greater opportunities in life." 

Sina’s Hoop Academy not only seeks to develop a player’s individual basketball skills and abilities, but also teach them the importance of hard work, dedication, and team play.  We trust your child’s experience at Sina’s Hoop Academy will not only make them a better basketball player, but help them to develop into a better, well-rounded person.